BDK 1.0

Bot Developer Kit

Bot Developer Kit (BDK)

The Bot Developer Kit (BDK) is comprised of three development tools for advanced Symphony Bot and Extension App development


The Bot SDK is a Java specific SDK that provides all of the basic support as our other SDKs including authentication handlers, centralized configuration, convenient error handling, datafeed management, and API bindings. In addition, the BDK provides development best practices for building enterprise grade, financial applications.

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CLI Tool

The CLI tool allows you to generate code scaffolds for building Symphony bots and extension applications. These code scaffolds contain sample implementations and best practices, making it easy to start building bots and applications. In addition, the CLI tool allows developers to add custom command handlers and message templates, and manage project dependencies, allowing developers to bootstrap bots and applications quickly.

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UI Toolkit

The UI Toolkit is a library of react components that helps developers build complex frontend applications quickly. The library contains layout guides, forms, input fields, complex financial charts, and is compatible with Symphony's UI theme.

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