Change Log

Thank you for using Symphony. This document contains essential information about the changes that occurred in the Agent and in the Public APIs of Symphony.

Symphony 20.7 (1.61) - Agent 2.61.2


The Swagger file for v20.7 (1.61) available here.

Agent Changes

  • Agent 2.61.0

    • Fixed issues in the conversion of the emoji shortcode from messageML to presentationML.

    • Improved the Health Check Extended v3 API endpoint to return the authType field, showing if the Agent authentication is configured to use RSA or Certificate.

    • Message Create v4: Fixed issue when sending a message that mentions an external user by his/her email.

    • Properly return a 451 error code when a message sent is blocked by DLP (Data Loss Prevention) instead of returning a 400 error code.

    • More secured way to provide Authentication credentials for the Agent: RSA private key for the agentservice user and ceservice user can be passed through VM parameters. For more information, refer to Agent 2.X and above Installation.

  • Agent 2.61.1

    • Fix backward compatibility bug for Elements buttons (Deprecated primary-destructive and secondary-destructive classes are now mapped to primary and secondary)

  • Agent 2.61.2

    • Removed a duplicated definition in swagger

    • Fixed some bugs

  • Agent 2.61.3

    • Removed the stack trace logging if log level is not set to "debug"

    • Increased the size of Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman Keys to 2048 by default

Agent 2.61.3 - officially supported Agent for Symphony version v20.7

To download the Agent, click here.

For a list of Agent x SBE compatibilities, click here.

New APIs

The following API endpoint has been created:

Updated APIs

The following API endpoints were updated:

  • Stream Info is now OBO enabled

  • The behaviour of two endpoints has been changed. In order to avoid a breaking change, we have implemented a pod setting which will allow an admin user to activate this new behaviour. For more information, please contact your Technical Account Manager, Solutions Architect or the Technical Support Team.

Deprecated APIs

No API endpoints were deprecated in Symphony version 20.7.

General Updates

  • Symphony Elements:

    • Available Components: added information about using Elements with cards.

    • Embedded Chat Modules (ECM) now supports Elements

Documentation Changes

For more information, refer to Documentation Updates.