Change Log

Thank you for using Symphony. This document contains essential information about the changes that occurred in the Agent and in the Public APIs of Symphony.

Symphony 20.9 (1.62) - Agent 2.62.0


The Swagger file for v20.9 (1.62) available here.

Agent Changes

Agent 2.62.0

  • Updated the messageML library in order to:

    • support the new Elements features introduced (Expandable Card, Label and Tooltip).

    • support new attributes maxlength and minlength in the Element Textarea.

  • Added a new API for sending the same message to a list of streams: blast message (see new APIs below).

Agent 2.62.0 - officially supported Agent for Symphony version v20.9

To download the Agent, click here.

For a list of Agent x SBE compatibilities, click here.

New APIs

The following API endpoint has been created:

Updated APIs

No API endpoints were updated in Symphony version 20.9.

Deprecated APIs

No API endpoints were deprecated in Symphony version 20.9.

General Updates

  • Main functionalities of Extension Apps are supported in the version 20.9 in the Client 2.0.

  • New features for Symphony Elements:

    • Expandable card: New Expandable card with updated display. The card can have three different states, that can be set by the developper: collapsed, expanded but cropped, fully expanded.

    • Label: allows the bot developer to set an indication to elements (text, dropdown, person selector, checkbox, radio button) for the user to understand better what is requested from him.

    • Tooltip: allows the bot developer to add tips regarding how to use or interact with the form/elements. It can be set at element level (for text-field, text-area, dropdown, person selector).

  • Fixed display bug for Elements Buttons with long texts

  • Fixed display of the placeholder for Elements Dropdown

  • Fixed display bug for Cards

  • Java SDK is now supporting the new Datafeed v2 functionality

  • Extension APIs: Fixed missing refresh when module is popped out.