Specific to Symphony


MessageML supports the following tags to embed additional information into messages:
Optional attributes
<mention uid="123456789"/>
Insert a mention for the user whose Symphony userid is 123456789.
<mention email="[email protected]"/>
Insert a mention for the user whose email address is [email protected].
strict=true, the API will throw an error if no user of that email address exists. (default) • strict=false . Message is accepted even if the user cannot be resolved.
<hash tag="label"/>
Insert "label" as a hashtag.
<cash tag="ticker"/>
Insert "ticker" as a cashtag. Important: when sending numeric cashtags as signals, add a * after the $ sign, for example, $_122450. <messageML> `<cash tag="$_122450"/> `\
Note: Cashtags will soon be replaced by the new enhanced tags.
<chime />
Send a chime message.
Note: No other content (even line breaks) is permitted with a <chime/> tag. Please see an example of the messageML to send a chime below.


Here after you can find an example of a message sent by a bot and containing these tags specific to Symphony as well as the structure of the messageML sent:
Message containing tags specific to Symphony
messageML structure
chime messageML structure
<p>A user can be mentioned via its user ID (<mention uid="349026222355596"/>) or via email (<mention email="[email protected]" />).<br/>Here is an example of a non-existing user display with strict attribute to false: <mention email="[email protected]" strict="false"/>.</p>
<h1>Hash/Cash tags</h1>
<p><hash tag="symphony"/> is a hashtag and <cash tag="aapl"/> is a cashtag.</p>
<messageML><chime /></messageML>
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