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Commerce Service

Apps can offer premium functionality through licensed subscriptions. Use the commerce service to identify the products (premium versions) to which a user is subscribed:
// To use the commerce service, you must subscribe to it from your application
var commerceService ="commerce");


Returns the list of products to which the user is subscribed for your app:
function getProducts(serviceName)
serviceName (optional)
The name of a local application-implemented service. If passed, the productUpdate event will be fired on that service if the user's product subscriptions change.
This method returns a promise that will be fulfilled with the array of products the user is subscribed to for your app. For each product, the following is returned:
name: "<name>",
type: "premium",
sku: "<sku>",
subscribed: true/false
"Premium" is the term used for paid subscription products, while "Standard" represents a freemium app. The name and SKU will be values specified by the application developer when implementing a premium version of their app.
commerceService.getProducts('hello:controller').then(function(products) {


This event is fired when the user's product subscriptions are changed.
Use the listen method on the service specified in getProducts() to subscribe to this event and specify a callback that will be executed when the event is fired. The callback should change the contents/features of your application to match the user's updated product subscriptions.
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