Overview of REST API

The Symphony REST API acts as a secure interface between your Symphony Bot and Symphony's components. Symphony's architecture for bots comprises three components: the Symphony Pod, the API Agent and the Key Manager.

The Symphony REST API is spread out across these components according to the type of API being called.

While Bots can call the Symphony API directly, Symphony's dedicated BDK and WDK toolkits provide language-specific API bindings that enable bot developers to easily call the API directly from code:

API Swagger files

The API Swagger files are available here.

There is one sub-folder per API collection, and each API collection is split in two swagger files: one for the supported endpoints and a second one listing only the deprecated endpoints (e.g. /pod/pod-api-public-deprecated.yaml).

Depending on your pod or agent version, a newly introduced endpoint may not yet be available to you. You can spot these new endpoints as they are tagged with the x-since attribute. For example, an endpoint flagged as x-since: 20.15 will not be present if you are still on SBE 20.14.

REST API Architecture

To learn more about how bots securely interact with Symphony's three components, continue onto the REST API Architecture guide below:


To learn more about how bots can make authentication and administrative calls such as manage streams, manage users or facilitate cross-pod connections, continue onto the Pod API guide below:

Key Manager API

To learn more about how bots can authenticate and encrypt messages on Symphony, continue onto the Key Manager API guide below:

Agent API

To learn more about how bots can send and receive encrypted messages on Symphony, continue onto the Agent API guide below:

REST API Reference

For the full Symphony API reference continue here:

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