Entities (also called Structured Objects) are rich, inline, interactive components for Symphony messages that allow you to embed information that is more complex than simple text.

To create a message containing a Structured object, construct the message content using MessageML with either a <div> or a <span> element containing the following attributes:

  • class="entity": specifies that the message contains a corresponding structured object.

  • data-entity-id: the unique ID of the corresponding structure object.

This MessageML markup is then passed into the endpoint via the message parameter. The following examples show the use of the attributes in <div> and <span> respectively:

<div class="entity" data-entity-id="entityIdentifier">An object</div>
<span class="entity" data-entity-id="entityIdentifier">An inline object</span>

The examples above reference an entity object called entityIdentifier. The JSON corresponding to this object is passed to the create message endpoint via the data parameter. For example:

  "entityIdentifier": {
    "type": "org.symphonyoss.fin.security",
    "version": "0.1",
    "id": [{
      "type": "org.symphonyoss.fin.security.id.isin",
      "value": "US0378"
        "type": "org.symphonyoss.fin.security.id.cusip",
        "value": "037"
        "type": "org.symphonyoss.fin.security.id.openfigi",
        "value": "BBG000"

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