Room Selector

The Room Selector is an element that allows users to find and select both rooms or persons. It behaves the same way as the chat selector you see when you forward a message and select where the message should be forwarded.

When a user starts typing in the field, a list of conversations and people will be displayed for selection. Only the chats that the user has access to will be displayed.


Rules and Limitations

  • The Room Selector element supports multi selection which means that you can search for more than one chat or person.

  • The Room Selector is not yet available on Symphony Mobile. Mobile will be supported in a future release.


Example of a room selector with both a room and a user pre-selected. Please note that pre-selected streamIds must follow URL Safe Base64 encoded StreamID.

     <form id="test"> 
        <room-selector name="room-selector" 
            label="Select the chats where the alert will be sent." 
            placeholder="Select rooms"/>
        <button name="submit_button" type="action">Create Alert</button>    

Versions and Compatibility

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