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Extension API Services

The Client Extension API uses services for communication between your application and the Symphony client. The Client Extension API provides a set of services that your application can leverage to extend the Symphony Client and to create custom workflows and experiences.

Client Extension API Services:

The Client Extensions API provides the following remote services:

Modules Service

Use the modules service to create application-specific modules:

Applications-Nav Service

The Applications navigation section is found at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar of the Symphony client workspace. Use the applications-nav service to create a navigation item for your application:

UI Service

Use the ui service to extend various parts of the Symphony client user interface. For example, add buttons on IM, MIM, and chatroom modules or add links to the #hashtag and $cashtag hovercards:

Share Service

Use the share service to allow users to share content from your application into Symphony conversations:

Entity Service

Use the entity service to allow your app to render a Structured Object within a within a message sent by the REST API:

Commerce Service

Apps can offer premium functionality through licensed subscriptions. Use the commerce service to identify the products (premium versions) to which a user is subscribed:

Dialogs Service

Use the dialogs service to create modal windows (e.g. to open a modal window from a button registered at a room level):

Service Interface

Both the Client Extensions API services and your application services use the same interface. Continue here to learn how to implement the Service interface methods:
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