Universal Webhook

Share content and alerts from third party services in Symphony chats

Universal Webhook 2.0 or above is a managed service operated by Symphony in the cloud, and as a result is only available to cloud customers for now.

The Universal webhook allows you to configure webhooks for Symphony, and provides a simple way for external apps and cloud services to share content in Symphony chats.

It is often used to receive notifications and messages from the web, directly in your chats.

Many popular services are compatible with this technology, such as Zapier, IFTTT, Jira, Jenkins, Datadog, Splunk, and more.

Universal Webhook 2.0 or above replaces the legacy service that was delivered through the Integration Bridge.

Get started

First, your Symphony admin needs to configure the required service user and extension app on the Symphony pod, as described in the Installation guide.

Then, end users can configure webhooks using the extension app, as described in the User guide.

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