Building Bots

Building Bots on Symphony is fast, easy, and secure. Take these simple steps in order to create and deploy your Bot on Symphony today!

1. Plan Your Bot

Symphony Bots can leverage the Symphony REST API to create innovative workflows and timesaving automations. Depending on your desired workflow, there are many different development avenues available for you and your development team. Understanding these different development options and different APIs available is key to creating a successful bot and positive user experience. Learn more about the different types of Symphony Bots and APIs here:

pagePlanning Your Bot

2. Leverage our Tools

Symphony has built numerous tools in order to streamline Symphony Bot Development. Our rich suite of developer tools offers centralized configuration and authentication protocols, provides out of the box API bindings, convenient error handling, datafeed management, and ensures that your Bot is built using Symphony's best practices.

Using an ultra simplified configuration and authentication set up, an intuitive message and room control mechanism, new APIs for message templating and workflow activities, developing bots on Symphony has never been easier.

Learn more about how you can get started with our developer tools here:

pageGetting Started with BDKpageGetting Started with WDK

3. Authentication

At Symphony, security is always first. In order to leverage Symphony's robust set of open APIs, your Bot must first authenticate itself. You can learn more about how to authenticate and the different types of authentication here:


4. Add Custom Business Logic

The last step is to add custom business logic to your Bot. Begin learning about the capabilities of Symphony's REST APIs and bring your workflows and automations to life:

pageOverview of REST API

5. Become a Certified Developer

Want to take your Bot building to the next level? Symphony offers a free course and certification program for Developers wishing to improve their Symphony skills, technical knowledge, and expertise. Learn more about how you can become a Certified Developer today!

pageDeveloper Certification

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