Creating a Service Account

Guide for creating a bot user in the admin portal

Please note the below steps can only be performed by a Symphony Pod Administrator as only they will have the necessary administrator privileges to access the Administration Portal. Please do not attempt this if you are not a Pod Administrator and reach out to your internal IT Helpdesk if you are unsure who your Symphony Pod Administrator is.

If you are attempting to use the Developer Sandbox at, this section is not relevant for you. Please register for an account at the Developer Center at and click on the request link in the welcome email to obtain your sandbox credentials.

In order to create a bot and begin your development journey, you must first create a bot user, also known as a service account. You can only do this yourself if you are a pod administrator on your Symphony pod. Otherwise, please seek assistance from your pod administrator or your internal IT Service Desk if you are unsure who to contact.

Create a Bot User

1. Navigate to your Symphony Admin Portal for your Pod

For example,

2. Select Create an Account from the left navigation

3. Select the Service Account tab

4. Fill in your bot information

The bot username here has to match the username supplied by a bot configuration file exactly.

5. Fill in the RSA Public Key

Paste the entire contents of the public key in the Authentication section. This public key has to match the private key supplied by a bot. If you are unsure how to generate an RSA key pair, use the Symphony Generator.

6. Set roles and entitlements

Enable the required roles that your bot requires

Enable the required entitlements that your bot requires

Navigate to Bot Permissions for a full list of bot roles and privileges.

7. Confirm Bot Creation

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