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Here you will learn about all the ways to streamline work using integrated bots and apps. By leveraging Symphony's open APIs, developers can create innovative Bots and workflows, save time with strategic automations, and customize their Symphony experience by building third-party Extension Apps.

Keep reading to learn about core Symphony concepts in order to ensure a smooth development journey from your first line of code to putting your application in production.

Getting Started

It's time to get started. Navigate to one of the following guides to kick off your developer journey today!

Looking to migrate your bot from the deprecated SDKs to the latest BDKs? Please check out our migration guides to bring your bot up to date with our latest tooling.

Begin your development journey by taking an in depth look at Symphony Bots. Understand the core concepts and all the details needed to get your Bot up and running!

Building Bots

Want to build your first bot together with the Developer Relations team? Head over to our developer training centre and register for our online courses to get started, and it's free.

For even more in depth look at how to Build Bots and Apps, check out our new Developer Certification program: Developer Certification 🎓

Bring customized and extensible workflows into Symphony through Extension Apps. Understand how to build, deploy, and manage your Extension App!

Extension Apps

Enroll in our brand new Developer Certification program and obtain sandbox access for free! Register and enroll today!

Developer Certification

In depth documentation and reference guide for the Symphony REST API:

In depth documentation and reference guide for the Symphony Extension API:

Overview of Extension API

Check out our dedicated SDKs, Bot Developer Kit, Bot Generators and more to streamline your development process!

Developer Tools

Securely embed stand-alone Symphony chat modules inside other websites and applications:

Embedded Modules

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