Latest LTS Agent version can be downloaded here.

Please find in the subpages below the list of changes related to each version of the Agent service.

Compatible with Java 17 / RHEL 8 and 9

pageAgent - 24.3 (LTS)pageAgent - 23.12 (LTS)

Compatible with Java 8 / RHEL 7 and 8

pageAgent - 23.9 (LTS)pageAgent - 23.6 (LTS)

Agent Release Cycle

Release cycle

The Agent is released every month, and the version number follows a year.month.patch convention. Occasionally, a release may be skipped.

Agent releases are not coupled with the releases of the Symphony Backend (SBE).

Long Term Support (LTS) versions

The releases of March, June, September and December are Long Term Support versions (e.g. releases named yy.3, yy.6, yy.9, and yy.12) and are supported for a year.

The other versions (yy.1, yy.2, yy.4, yy.5, yy.7, yy.8, yy.10, and yy.11) don't benefit from our Long Term Support.

Compatibility with SBE versions

The last four LTS versions are supported and are always compatible with the production supported SBE versions.

LTS releases will be patched if any incompatibility is found with newly released SBE version.

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