Agent - 20.13

This page describes the change log of the 20.13 patch updates of the Agent service

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Agent Changes

Agent 20.13.12

  • Upgrade to SpringBoot 2.6.8

  • Fixed security vulnerability

Agent 20.13.11

  • Fixed health check v2 failing (agent service authentication not renewed).

Agent 20.13.10

  • Fixed service users not able to send a message to a specific chat room after a KM rotation/NIST transformation (cached content key not refreshed).

  • Fixed failure when reading from a new datafeed with a null datafeed ackId.

Agent 20.13.9

  • Fixed file descriptor leak when uploading DLP dictionaries.

  • Fixed service users not able to refresh tokens once they expire.

Agent 20.13.8

  • Fixed Log4J critical security vulnerability (log4j v2.17).

  • Fixed file descriptor leak.

Agent 20.13.3

  • Fixed Blast message endpoint returning a 500 instead of 200 when one of the messages could not be sent (e.g one of the stream ids was not correct).

  • Fixed that the ROOMUPDATED event received on the datafeed did not contain the stream id when the updated conversation was a group chat.

  • Fixed memory leak when sending an attachment.

Agent 20.13.2

  • Fixed bug where OBO calls are failing repeatedly

Agent 20.13.1

  • Introduced Message Update functionality for bots messages as a Beta version. See more info on Message API endpoints section in the Messages documentation, as well as the new endpoints available in our REST API reference. Please note there is a dependency on the SBE 20.13.2 version for this feature to be working.

  • Fixed bug where payload was missing when message is sent on mobile with @ mention when Datafeed v2 is configured on the pod.

Agent 20.13.0

  • Datafeed v2 now properly supports the Presence events.

  • Fixed bug where the endpoint to share an article could bypass the DLP checks.

  • New metrics are now available in the logs to help the troubleshooting (such as memory/CPU usage, health check statuses, cache, client pool, or thread pool usage, in/out response time, etc.).

  • In the configuration file, the keystore password can now be encrypted.

  • Fixed a bug of excessive token storing duration in cache, causing occasional 401s when trying to read datafeed v2 once expired.

Deprecation Notice


No Agent API endpoint was deprecated in Symphony version 20.13.

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