Agent - 20.5 (2.59)

This page describes the change log of the 20.5 (2.59) patch updates of the Agent service

Agent Download

To download the Agent, click here.

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Agent Changes

Agent 2.59.0Line breaks ('\n') are now allowed in the Text Area Element.

  • General Changes

    • Fixed an issue with users blocked by IB policies. Now, a subscription error is shown when an API caller subscribes to a visible signal created by an IB blocked user.

    • Improvements in DLP error responses.

    • Fixed issues with OBO session cache.

    • Missing metrics were added to the metrics report.

  • APIs updates

    • A fix was added to the Agent Health Check (v2 and v3) in order to ignore Datafeed v2 status.

    • Fixed an issue that when removing a user from a wall post stream was returning an incorrect message response.

Deprecation Notice


No Agent API was deprecated in Symphony version 20.5.

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