Agent - 20.6 (2.60)

This page describes the change log of the 20.6 (2.60) patch updates of the Agent service

Agent Download

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Agent Changes

Agent 2.60.0

  • Support of Regular Expression filtering on Elements for the Text Field and Text Area Elements.

  • Improved velocity of Agent APIs responses.

  • Fixed an issue when replying to messages containing tables.

  • Fixed an issue when sending attachments using the Create Message (V2 and V3) API endpoints, where it was not possible to then download the attachment in the Client.

  • Changes to the Health Check Extended v3 API endpoint in order to return the Agent status as UP when the ceservice or agentservice users are not configured in the Agent configuration file (agent.yml).

  • Download Attachment: Properly return a 404 error code when trying to download an attachment for a non existent message or invalid file id.

Agent 2.60.1

  • Fixed an issue when mentioning external users with their email (<mention /> in messageML)

  • FIxed a DLP issue returning 400 for a blocked message instead of expected 451

  • Removed a duplicated definition in swagger

  • Moved v3 healthcheck API specifications to Swagger specs

  • Moved Datafeed v2 API specifications to Swagger specs

  • Updated the agent image for multi-tenancy project

  • Updated the messageml library version

  • Check if agent or CE service user is configured before testing health check

Agent 2.60.2

  • Removed the stack trace logging if log level is not set to "debug"

  • Increased the size of Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman Keys to 2048 by default

  • Fixed security vulnerabilities in the Agent

Deprecation Notice


No Agent API was deprecated in Symphony version 20.5.

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