Agent - 23.11

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Agent Changes

Agent 23.11.1

  • MessageML:

    • Accept new languages in the <code> tag: Markdown, JSON, Scala, Shell, YAML

  • Elements - Dependency on Client version 23.12, released in December 2023. Please check Client release notes for confirmation.

    • DropDownMenu and TextField now support auto-submit: When auto submit is enabled for an element, the form gets submitted on selection of the drop down menu, or when typing the <enter> key in a text field. This allows a faster and more natural interaction with a form, and works very well with the capability to update a form with a new state (using the MessageUpdate endpoint). You can create cascading drop down menus for example.

    • Buttons can benefit from two new styles: primary-link and destructive-link that are borderless and are either blue or red.

    • Buttons can now support icons from our standard icon library.

  • Dependency on future Client versions which are not confirmed. Please check future Client release notes. Features:

    • Elements

      • Support hidden attributes for text fields.

      • Support read-only and disabled attributes on elements.

      • Support new room picker elements that allows to select a conversation.

    • Accept <sup> and <sub> tags

    • TextArea width and height can now be controlled using cols and rows attributes.

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