SBE - 20.13

SBE API changes

New APIs

  • Update Message endpoint (Beta) has been introduced to be able to update an existing message. For more information, please read the endpoint documentation. This feature also requires Agent 20.13.2+.

  • UpdateIM endpoint now allows Bots to pin and unpin messages in IMs. Please note they can do so in chat rooms using the updated Update Room endpoint.

  • Update User Apps endpoint: It is now possible to modify the list of apps a user is entitled to, without having to specify the complete list of apps (partial update).

Updated APIs

  • Update Room endpoint now allows bots to pin and unpin messages in chat rooms.

  • Search Users: It is now possible to filter users by their accountType (NORMAL for end users, SYSTEM for bots/service users and SDL for Symphony Distribution Lists, meaning User Groups).

Deprecated APIs

No SBE API endpoint was deprecated in Symphony version 20.13.

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