Symphony Bot Generator

The Symphony Bot Generator is a yeoman based CLI tool that can be used to quickly generate Symphony bot and app project scaffolds. The Symphony Bot Generator is supported across 4 different languages:

  • Java

  • Python

  • Node.js

  • C#

Quick Start

Install the Symphony Bot Generator:

$ npm i -g generator-symphony

Create a new directory and go into it:

$ mkdir myBot && cd myBot

Run Symphony BDK Generator and follow instructions in your terminal:

$ yo symphony

Configure your Bot and environment accordingly:

Bot Generator 2.0 (Beta)

It is now possible to create BDK 2.0 projects through the Bot Generator. To do so and access the new menu simply run the following:

$ yo symphony 2.0

Note: At the moment the BDK Generator 2.0 and subsequent BDK 2.0 projects are only available in Java. Support for Python, Node.js and .NET are coming soon.