Support for Embedded Collaboration Platform

Our Embedded Collaboration Platform can be used directly containerized in Desktop Integration Platforms.

It is therefore possible to load Symphony ECP as a standalone app.

As Symphony listens to ViewChat intents, it is possible even in Focus mode to navigate from one chat to another.

However, to be able to do that in Focus mode, a specific setting (container=true) needs to be set when loading ECP in iFrame mode. When this setting is set, the Focus mode will load with a default landing page, therefore allowing to load the Focus mode without having to specify a specific streamId.

Once the landing page is loaded, it is then possible to pilot the displayed conversation using ViewChat intents.

Loading ECP in DIP containers

Only the iFrame rendering mode is fully supported in containers.

For the Focus mode:


In Focus mode, please note the presence of the container setting and the absence of the streamId setting.

For the Collaboration mode:


Reminder: Set the partnerId with the Partner Id that was provided to you. More info on Partner Id here.

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