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ECP with Channel Connect

Channel Connect offering

Channel Connect allows Symphony partners to enable the users of their applications to collaborate on Symphony by adding those companies and users to the Symphony network. Partners can use these APIs to check if their application users are on Symphony and create accounts for them on Symphony if required.
See Channel Connect for more information on Channel Connect and how to create accounts for users who need a new Symphony account.

Single Sign On support

Channel Connect users can benefit from Single Sign On if it has been configured by their admin. In order to redirect Channel Connect users to the SSO applicable to them, you need to specify the user email as a configuration parameter to the SDK when instantiating ECP.
userEmail: string; // Email of the user
Please note that this is required only for Channel Connect users. If a regular Symphony user logs in ECP from your portal, they will be automatically redirected to their company SSO, without relying on the userEmail parameter.

Bring your own Single Sign On

Users that you have onboarded on Symphony can also benefit from Single Sign On if your application can act as an identity provider using the Open ID connect (OIDC) or SAML protocols. Please reach out to us for more information.
Last modified 8mo ago