Open an app

Open an extension app with an appId

The openApp function exposed by the SDK allows you to open a module of an extension app in ECP.

The extension app needs to be already installed for the user, and to have been preloaded by ECP, using the allowedApps setting. Please refer to Support for extension applications for information on preloading an app.

Only extension applications that add navigation links can be opened in ECP.

To learn more about extension APIs, refer to the relevant developers documentation.





Id of the extension app (as defined in the Admin Portal)


string | undefined

The label of the nav item that will be opened. If an app registers several links, this parameter can be used to select which link will open.


string | undefined

Selector of the container to add the new ECP iFrame into

If an error occurs (for example, if the app is not installed for the user or not loaded, or the app has not registered a nav item), then an error page will be displayed to the user.

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