Pricing tiers

Partner ID

Following the conclusion of the ECP contract, you will be provided with a Partner ID, which will be required to load ECP.

The Partner ID is specific to the platform and the use case discussed, and must not be used for a different platform or use case.

Your Partner ID is associated with a plan that gives access to a set of features.

It is also associated with a list of domains. Please contact Symphony if you need to change the domain where your application is hosted.

The Partner ID is not required in UAT environments, but you may still want to provide it as, in this case, only the features available to your plan will be enabled. This may be useful to properly verify all is in order.


An ECP pricing plan is structured in three tiers: Basic *, Workflow and Custom:

FeatureBasic *WorkflowCustom

Advanced settings (showChatSearch, canAddPeople, showSuppressMessage)

Create a room API (no dialog)

Extension apps developed by Symphony

Extension apps from third parties

* Basic tier: The basic tier is only available to customers of the legacy ECM product and until their contract renewal.

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