Client 2.0 - 20.10

This page describes the features introduced on Client 2.0 (20.10) version

  • Symphony Elements:

    • Fixed display bug of Elements in Dark theme. Dark theme is not yet fully supported.

    • Fixed display bug of Elements in Condensed mode. Condensed mode is not supported.

    • Fixed display bug of Text area (incorrect font).

    • Fixed display bug of Tooltip (incorrect font & font color).

    • Text area: Fixed missing default value when a label is also set.

  • Fixed security vulnerabilities in message rendering libraries

  • Starting with Symphony v20.10, some “built in” applications of the Marketplace will also be modifiable directly in the Admin Portal. Please reach out to your Technical Account Manager for more information.

  • Extension Applications:

    • Improved support of Client 2.0 (retrieve user entitlements, support of theme changed event, support of app in last active popped out workspace, support of developper mode, support of Module service open link, focus, and redirect methods)

    • Added an openIM functionality in the UI Service.

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