Client 2.0 - 23.02

Enhanced tags

  • Important: The introduction of the new enhanced tags that will replace the existing $cashtags may have an impact on your existing bots and apps. More information available here.

Desktop interop

  • View Chat: Display an existing chat conversation in Symphony, identified by its streamID or list of participants.

  • FDC3 configuration through user settings. End users can configure their desktop provider directly from the settings in their Symphony client, thanks to the new Interoperability tab.

  • ECP support for FDC3: It is possible to enable FDC3 on ECP (Embedded Collaboration Platform), so Symphony can interoperate with local apps, even when Symphony is embedded in another web application.

Important: As we add support for new intents in Symphony, please keep the Symphony app directory entry in your DIP up-to-date, as the desktop agent may block intents if they are not listed as supported by Symphony in the application directory.

Refer to the documentation on desktop interoperability for more information.

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