SBE - 20.14

SBE API changes

Updated APIs

  • Update Room & Update IM endpoint now allows bots to pin and unpin messages in External chats.

  • Room Members endpoint now specifies if a user has been added into a room through a Group (addedThroughGroups).

  • Stream Info endpoint now provides more information on Groups that are present in the room, through the groups attribute.

  • Create Room endpoint now allows to create External chat rooms with View history enabled, if the pod entitlement canCreateExternalRoomSharedHistory is enabled.

  • Update Message endpoint now supports a silent parameter (default: true). This parameter is not supported yet but will in a subsequent version allow to update a message that will be seen as 'unread'. Currently all updates are seen as already read.

  • Get User, List Users, Create User & Update User now return in addition of the status of the user (Enabled or Disabled) the suspension status.

Deprecated APIs

  • Authenticate App (Cert) is deprecated. Only RSA authentication will be supported moving forward for extension applications.

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