Support for extension applications

Extension applications on Symphony provide an easy and secure way to customize the Symphony experience.

Extension applications allow you to extend various parts of the Symphony UI by adding buttons to direct chats, group chats and chat rooms. They also allow you to display rich interactive content in a message through structured objects. By default, ECP will not load any extension applications. ECP can, however, be configured to load extension apps by using the allowedApps parameter, passing a comma separated list of app IDs. The App ID is the identifier you provide for your app when configuring the app on your pod. Note: Only apps that are configured on the pod and installed can be loaded by ECP.

In Focus mode, apps can perform custom entity rendering, add buttons to the chat header or tags, and so on. In Collaboration mode, apps can also be opened from the app tray to display a custom UI.

To know more about Symphony extension apps and how to build extension apps, see Building extension apps on Symphony.

Once an app is loaded, you can also dynamically open an app view in ECP using the openApp method, see here.

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