Agent - 23.12 (LTS)

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  • Java 8 is no longer supported starting with Agent 23.12. Only Java 17 is supported moving forward. More information below.

  • As RHEL7 is not supported on Java 17, RHEL7 is no longer supported. Please consider migrating to RHEL8 or RHEL9.

More info on the end of support of Java 8

Java 8 is no longer supported starting with Agent 23.12. Only Java 17 is supported moving forward.

Why now?

A key dependency of the Agent service is SpringBoot. As SpringBoot v2 is no longer supported, we upgraded to SpringBoot v3, which is no longer compatible with Java 8.

Why Java 17?

Java 17 has been released in 2021 and benefits from Long Term Support.

How to stay on Java 8?

If you need time to migrate to Java 17, you can stay on the Agent version 23.9 LTS, which will stay supported on a best effort basis until September 2024.

Please note that this support will be on a best effort basis: As this version relies on an unsupported version of SpringBoot, we may not be in a position to fix a bug or vulnerability that will be discovered in SpringBoot v2. If the issue is not related to SpringBoot, we will fix it as per our support policy.

Agent Changes

Agent 23.12.4

  • Fixed security vulnerabilities.

Agent 23.12.1

  • Support of RHEL 9. RHEL7 is no longer supported.

  • Support of Java 17. Java 8 is no longer supported.

  • Update Spring Boot version from 2.x to 3.x.

Changes introduced since last LTS version

  • MessageML - Accept new languages in the <code> tag: Markdown, JSON, Scala, Shell, YAML

  • Elements - Dependency on Client version 23.12, released in December 2023.

    • DropDownMenu and TextField now support auto-submit: When auto submit is enabled for an element, the form gets submitted on selection of the drop down menu, or when typing the <enter> key in a text field. This allows a faster and more natural interaction with a form, and works very well with the capability to update a form with a new state (using the MessageUpdate endpoint). You can create cascading drop down menus for example.

    • Buttons can benefit from two new styles: primary-link and destructive-link that are borderless and are either blue or red.

    • Buttons can now support icons from our standard icon library.

  • Elements - Dependency on Client version 24.1, released in January 2024.

    • TextArea width and height can now be controlled using cols and rows attributes.

  • Elements - Dependency on Client version 24.4, released in April 2024.

  • Dependency on future Client versions which are not confirmed. Please check future Client release notes. Features:

    • Elements

      • Support hidden attributes for text fields.

      • Support read-only and disabled attributes on elements.

    • Accept <sup> and <sub> tags

  • Removed jcurl from the Agent deliverable. If you used this library in your scripts, the library is still available from the following FINOS repository.

  • Fixed security vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue preventing bots from getting message replies containing tables.

  • Support calling API endpoints with a trailing /, for example /agent/v2/HealthCheck/ instead of the usual /agent/v2/HealthCheck, for backward compatibility with older agent versions. This is however not recommended and does not follow the API specifications.

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