Client 2.0 - 20.4

This page describes the features introduced on Client 2.0 (20.4) version

  • Fixed an issue where tables sent by the Create Message v4 API was not being displayed in conversation views.

  • Fixed an issue when sending an invalid emoji via API was returning a random emoji instead of displaying the emoji error.

  • Fixed an issue with the rendering of tables within modals of forward and reply messages when using the Dark Mode theme.

  • Symphony Elements:

    • Fixed an issue that was allowing the copy of the content of copyProtected messages.

    • Person Selector : Fixed an issue where the person avatar was not being displayed on Safari (iOS application).

    • Buttons: The behavior of the reset button has changed. Now, the reset button function is to return all the form data to its initial value.

  • Extension Apps:

    • Fixed an issue when invoking the Share API without setting the publishedDate attribute was showing a random date.

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