Client 2.0 - 22.10

Desktop interop - October 2022

  • View Messages (inbound): You can now display in Symphony a view that aggregates all the messages that contain a specific #hashtag or $cashtag (new ViewMessages intent). See the View Messages section for more information.

  • Support of FDC3 2.0: With the new FDC3 2.0 standard, intents can now return values to the calling app. As a result, the StartChat intent now returns the stream IDs of the chats where the message has been posted. This means that you can target these rooms directly when sending a subsequent chat message (see the new Send Chat Message intent below).

  • Send Chat Message intent: You can now send a chat message to an existing chat, using its stream ID. Note: The user still needs to confirm the sending of the message. See the Send Chat Message section for more information.

Important: As we add support for new intents in Symphony, please keep the Symphony app directory entry in your DIP up-to-date, as the desktop agent may block intents if they are not listed as supported by Symphony in the application directory.

Refer to the documentation on desktop interoperability for more information.

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