Agent - 20.7 (2.61)

This page describes the change log of the 20.7 (2.61) patch updates of the Agent service

Agent Download

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Agent Changes

Agent 2.61.0

  • Fixed issues in the conversion of the emoji shortcode from messageML to presentationML.

  • Improved the Health Check Extended v3 API endpoint to return the authType field, showing if the Agent authentication is configured to use RSA or Certificate.

  • Message Create v4: Fixed issue when sending a message that mentions an external user by his/her email.

  • Properly return a 451 error code when a message sent is blocked by DLP (Data Loss Prevention) instead of returning a 400 error code.

  • More secured way to provide Authentication credentials for the Agent: RSA private key for the agentservice user and ceservice user can be passed through VM parameters. For more information, refer to Agent 2.X and above Installation.

Agent 2.61.1

  • Fix backward compatibility bug for Elements buttons (Deprecated primary-destructive and secondary-destructive classes are now mapped to primary and secondary)

Agent 2.61.2

  • Removed a duplicated definition in swagger

  • Fixed some bugs

Agent 2.61.3

  • Removed the stack trace logging if log level is not set to "debug"

  • Increased the size of Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman Keys to 2048 by default

Deprecation Notice


No Agent API was deprecated in Symphony version 20.7.

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