Developer Tools
Symphony provides language specific SDKs, a Bot Developer Kit (BDK), Bot Generators and more to streamline your development process!

Bot Developer Kit 2.0

BDK 2.0, the latest version of Symphony Bot Developer Kit is now available. With an ultra simplified configuration and authentication set up, an intuitive message and room control mechanism, new APIs for message templating and workflow activities, developing bots on Symphony has never been easier. The BDK 2.0
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Symphony Bot Generator

The easiest way to begin building Bots and Extension Applications is through the Symphony Bot Generator. A command line tool that allows you to generate code scaffolds across the 4 SDKs and the BDK 2.0.
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Symphony SDKs

Symphony SDKs help bootstrap your Bot, providing easy to use authentication handlers, centralized configuration, and convenient error handling. Additionally, our SDKs provide out of the box Datafeed and event handling architecture that make it simple for your Bot to handle different events. Lastly, our SDKs provide language-specific API bindings. Instead of calling the REST endpoint directly, simply call the corresponding SDK functions within your Bot's code.
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BDK 1.0

The Bot Developer Kit (BDK) is a set of tools made for advanced Symphony Bot and Extension Applications. The BDK consists of the following three development tools:


The first tool under the umbrella of the Bot Developer Kit is the Bot SDK. The Bot SDK is a Java specific SDK that provides all the basic support as out other SDKs including authentication handlers, centralized configuration, convenient error handling, Datafeed management, and API bindings. In addition, the Bot SDK provides development best practices for building enterprise grade, financial applications.
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CLI Tool

The CLI Tool allows you to generate code scaffolds for Symphony Bots and Extension Applications. Using the command line tool, developers can bootstrap their projects, add command handlers, message templates, and manage project dependencies with ease.
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UI Toolkit

The UI Toolkit is a library of react components that enables developers to build complex frontend applications quickly. The UI Toolkit contains layout guides, forms, input fields, complex financial charts, and is already compatible with Symphony's native UI themes.
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Using Postman to invoke Symphony APIs allows you to quickly learn about the capabilities of Symphony's API suite as well as debug or troubleshoot any issues you may face when running bots or other integrations.
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MessageML Renderer Tool

The MessageML Renderer tool was developed by Symphony to help you to create different messages, view their rendered output, and verify that your message syntax is correct. The tool allows developers to play around with MessageML, PresentationML, and render structured objects in realtime.

UI Style Guide

When building Extension Applications, Symphony provides resources and libraries that allow you to shape the user interface of your applications.
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